Look, I’ve always been an ally… I thought my tolerance knows no boundaries, that tolerance itself can’t know any boundaries. And then asking came the gender-”movement”.

I thought about this for over a year! My natural impulse was to go “okay”, but I just couldn’t, I had to make up my mind. And I can’t accept this! You do you, I don’t care, but the moment one comes to me and demands (!!!) of me to use zir, they/them or any of those other pronouns I simply refuse to communicate any further. It’s not a sign of my respect when I use them, but it is a sign of disrespect when someone I just met demands of me to say certain words, especially when those are clearly the means of just more and more identity politics.

I respect you for who you are, but that doesn’t mean that I have to comply with your ideology driven picture of yourself, especially when so many of those “genders” are basically not more than a feeling for which you need the approval of the people that surround you. So if you want to make your pronouns of any relevance within the first two minutes after we met or get hurt because I “misgender” you or even dared to assume your gender let’s just not talk, because we seriously won’t Have anything to talk about! I will have to criticize you, which will offend you and make you insult me! Nothing to gain here, neither for you nor for me!

By the way, this doesn’t apply to real trans-people! And yes, I make this distinction because those are the people that get hurt the most by the gender-movement. They are really struggling with their biological reality because they feel like they are born in the wrong body. Those people get hurt because they are less heard now, less taken seriously!

On a personal note: I really wonder when I get banned from medium 😂

left-leaning, but highly critical, artistic individual who speaks his mind openly. A lover of logic, thinking, self-improvement and of talking to everyone!

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